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  • Facilities

    The British Library building

    We offer a range of facilities including cafés, a Cloakroom and free WiFi

    For details of our site in Yorkshire, see our Boston Spa Reading Room page.

    Cloakrooms and lockers

    The Library provides a Cloakroom and Locker Room for visitors, both located on the Lower Ground floor and accessible via a lift, ramp or stairs. Please note our Cloakroom is closed on Sundays, so please make use of our lockers then.

    Our Cloakroom and digital lockers are free to use. The lockers measure 39 (H) x 39 (W) x 42 (D) cm and must be emptied at the end of each day.

    Visitors to our Reading Rooms are required to leave coats and bags in the Cloakroom or in a locker. If you are visiting our exhibition galleries you will also be required to leave backpacks in the Cloakroom. 

    For those visitors coming to the exhibition galleries on Sundays, please note that our Cloakroom is unavailable. All items must therefore be placed in our lockers. Facilities are available for bags that will not fit into lockers (see large luggage restrictions below) but we strongly recommend you also have a padlock/locking device on these items for added security.  

    Large luggage

    We restrict the size of luggage you can bring into the Library to airline ‘carry on’ size. Any luggage larger than 56 (H) x 45 (W) x 25 (D) cm will not be allowed into the British Library for safety and security reasons. There is a size gauge outside our entrance.

    Please note that this size restriction does not apply to pushchairs, foldaway bicycles, umbrellas or walking sticks.


    There are toilets on all floors of the Library, including disabled toilets within main toilet facilities and also separate unisex accessible toilets for privacy. Find more information on accessibility in the Library.

    Restaurants and cafés

    There are a wide choice of places to eat and drink across the Library site, which are open from 10.30. You can expect great food and coffee, combined with exceptional front of house service from our partners Graysons and Origin Coffee.

    Lost property

    For all Lost Property enquiries please go to the Information Desk, call +44 (0)20 7412 7809 or email lostproperty@bl.uk

    Free WiFi

    There is free WiFi for visitors to the British Library. Registration is required to log on to British Library WiFi.


    No smoking is permitted anywhere on the St Pancras site, including the Piazza.

    Contact us

    Telephone: 0330 333 1144
    Textphone: 01937 546 434
    Email: Customer-services@bl.uk
    Outside UK: +44 (0)1937 546 060