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  • These subject guides will help you to research selected subjects. They do not cover every subject, or everything the British Library has.

    To find material relevant to your research, please search our main catalogue Explore the British Library or our specialist catalogues.

    Detail of African appliquéd textile


    Historical and contemporary material for the study of Africa



    Extensive collections from the Americas and Australasia


    Arts and humanities

    Collections for the study of history, culture and society

    Detail of colourful textile patchwork

    Black Britain and Asian Britain

    Historical and contemporary resources on the experience of people of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage in Britain

    Business and patents

    Extensive collections on business, management, patents and trade marks

    Central Asia

    Our resources on Central Asia

    Sophocles, Ichneutae, fragments


    Graeco-Roman antiquity, from the middle of the 2nd millennium BC to the end of the 6th century AD.

    Natasha Davis Show: Internal Terrains, Chelsea Theatre, London 2013 (C1214/143)

    Contemporary Britain

    Collections reflecting contemporary British society and culture

    Digital scholarship thumbnail

    Digital scholarship

    Undertake innovative research with our digital collections and data

    Two figures playing the flute from a coloured Japanese manuscript

    East Asia

    Resources for the study of East Asian languages and cultures

    Family history

    Primary sources and reference material for family history and genealogy research

    Oostershuis Antwerp

    Germanic studies

    Resources for the study of Germanic countries, past and present

    Scales of justice

    Law and legal studies

    Historical and current resources for the study of law, legislation and society


    Literature and drama

    Collections relating to English literature and British theatre

    a wildman seizing a lady out collecting flowers

    Manuscripts and archives

    Unique sources for the ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary periods