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  • Are you a published author, illustrator, editor, translator or audiobook narrator?

    Register now to benefit from annual Public Library Remuneration (PLR) payments.

    Join our community of over 60,000 book contributors to receive upto £6,600 per year as a result of public library book loans. Sign up by 30 June 2021 for the February 2022 payment.

    If you already have a PLR account you can log in at any time to add new titles or editions to your records.

    Every year we announce the most borrowed library books (including ebooks and audiobooks) from the previous year.


    Find out more

    Register for the PLR scheme

    Register now if you have contributed to a book which is lent out by public libraries.

    PLR payments

    Find out how we calculate your payments and how much you can earn if you register with PLR.

    Most popular library loans

    The most popular authors and titles borrowed from UK public libraries

    Library sample

    Information for authors and librarians regarding the PLR library sample