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  • This month in Learning

    Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights

    Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights highlights the the narratives of feminist activism and women’s rights in the UK. Discover more about the stories, people and events that have shaped society, as well as the work that remains unfinished.

    If Homes Had Ears

    Open your ears, draw back the curtains and peek into domestic life as you may never have heard it before.

    Discovering Children's Books

    Explore centuries of stories, poems and illustrations with Discovering Children's Books. For children, teachers and book-lovers of all ages.


    From mermaids and grey seals to crashing waves and shipping forecasts, discover the sounds and stories scattered along the shore.

    Visits and workshops

    Inspirational visits to engage learners with our unique collections

    Primary schools

    We offer a range of free workshops for primary school groups which use our gallery spaces to develop creative thinking, visual and verbal literacy and research skills.

    Secondary schools and college workshops

    We offer a range of free workshops for secondary schools and further education groups which use our gallery spaces to develop creative thinking, visual and verbal literacy and research skills.

    Adult learning

    We offer a range of learning opportunities for adults, from in-depth courses and masterclasses to workshops for ESOL learners and adults with learning disabilities.

    Family activities

    From regular monthly workshops to special Family Days, we welcome families to the British Library to take part in a range of creative activities designed for all the family.

    Teacher events and CPD

    Our Continuing Professional Development programme includes evening events and day-long conferences, many of which are in partnership with other institutions. We provide opportunities for teachers to broaden their subject knowledge and reinvigorate their passion for their subject.

    How to book your visit

    Practical information about bringing your group to the British Library, from completing our booking form to details on getting here.

    Featured online resources

    Unique collection items and expert commentary related to History, English, Religious Studies and Citizenship

    Discovering Literature: Shakespeare & Renaissance writers

    Learn more about the world of Shakespeare & Renaissance writers. Explore a range of critical views on key plays & poems.

    World War One

    Discover how World War One affected people on different sides of the conflict via this collection of over 500 historical sources contributed by libraries from across Europe.

    Magna Carta

    Explore the origins & 800-year legacy of Magna Carta, & discover its relevance to justice, liberty & the law today.

    Featured teaching resources

    A range of teaching resources to help you plan lessons, design schemes of work and set homework tasks

    19th-century non-fiction texts: Education

    This thematic collection (drawn from Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians) will allow students to read and understand 19th-century non-fiction texts, and support them in identifying key features for a range of genres, audiences and purposes.

    Ages 14 to 16

    Ages 16 to 18

    West India Regiments

    Subjects explored in this pack include colonial history, empire, the slave trade, and military history. The West India Regiments project explores how British-armed people of African descent served within the wider British Army in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Ages 11 to 14

    Priestley's An Inspector Calls: social responsibility

    Develop understanding and examine the theme of social responsibility, and use the medium of drama to present character's views.

    Ages 11 to 14

    Ages 14 to 16

    Learning projects

    West Africa community project

    Film series from the recent West Africa Community Project

    All projects

    Case studies

    …I don’t think you could ask for a more conducive learning environment…

    Teacher Chris Levack regularly brings his students to the British Library for inspirational visits.

    …we felt like we had a bond with everybody…

    Jessica Rodgers took part in our Writing London project in 2012 engaging young people aged 16-24, outside of formal education, with library and heritage collections.

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