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  • Sean's Red Bike by Petronella Breinburg, illustrated by Errol Lloyd


    What happens in Sean’s Red Bike?

    When Sean sees a shiny red bike in a shop window, his heart is set on it. His Mum says that it costs a lot of money, but Sean is determined to buy it for himself. Each week he saves up his pocket money and does odd jobs for family and friends, from washing a car to looking after his baby nephew.

    Late one afternoon, Sean bursts out of his house, unable to contain his excitement. His new red bike is finally here! All the children in the street come out to admire it. On Sean’s first ride out he wobbles and falls over, but it’s no matter – he will have another go tomorrow!

    Who was Sean’s Red Bike created by?

    Sean’s Red Bike was written by Petronella Breinburg and illustrated by Errol Lloyd. Their successful series of picture books – My Brother Sean (1973), Doctor Sean (1974) and Sean’s Red Bike (1975) – reflected Black British children’s everyday experiences.

    Petronella Breinburg was a Surinamese-born, Guyanese and British author and teacher. Her first book for children, Legends of Suriname, was published by New Beacon in 1971. She is regarded as one of the first Black authors in Britain to create picture books starring Black children as the central protagonists.

    Errol Lloyd was born in Jamaica and came to Britain in 1963 to study law, before pursuing a career as an artist, writer and editor. He was nominated for a Kate Greenaway Medal for My Brother Sean, which follows Sean as he starts at nursery school.

    Full title:
    Sean's Red Bike
    1975, London
    Bodley Head
    Printed book / Picture book / Illustration / Image
    Petronella Breinburg, Errol Lloyd
    Usage terms
    Text © Estate of Petronella Breinburg. Illustrations © Errol Lloyd. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Please credit the copyright holder when reusing this work.
    Held by
    British Library

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